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Sororite is a designer jewelry brand for young, independent and stylish women. The jewelry is produced to a high quality standard in gold and precious stones. 

key words:feminine, versatile, creative, young, modern, casual, elegant, happy, open-minded, refined, exclusive, empowered, stylish.

Yougoalsof the project are:

create a feminine, refined and modern visual language that represents the essence of the company;

generate desire and position the brand as a symbol of female power andindependence;

break with thestereotype de which jewelry is for ladies and should be given as a gift from your companions;

Sororite is for:

women who like to gift themselves;

women who want to invest in their first jewelry;

women looking for jewelry with a different design than the market offers, with high quality;

elegant, powerful and independent women.




colors and textures

below, excerpts from the book "color psychology", by Eva Heller:

Origem da tintura púrpura.jpg



Bodoni moda is a contemporary reinterpretation of typography created by Giambattista Bodoni (1740-1813). It is called the “modern serif” for its precision and contrast between thin and thick lines. Due to its physical construction, in the past the characters were forged with great care so as not to break and their application was restricted to use in very high quality papers, in a precise and delicate process; thus it was applied only to luxury materials.  Currently it is widely used by fashion magazines and portals.

Massimo Vignelli, one of today's most prestigious designers, stated that "Bodoni is one of the most elegant fonts ever conceived."


For the Sororite logo, the typography was customized to meet and represent the brand's specific values. 

some mockups
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